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Who we are


Lesvos one-day & private sailing cruises

A young and dynamic part of Lesvorama that operates in the one-day cruise and the private cruise market. is owned and operated by Lesvorama, a Greek travel & shipping agency which is specializing in online hotel reservations, ferry and flight tickets, car rentals and sea & bus excursions for the island of Lesvos. Lesvorama is certified by the Greek Tourism Organization with License number 03.10.E.61.00.00591.01.

The traditional wooden sailing boat Santa Elena is owned from the Captain Mr. Pantelis Tiniakos and the co-founder of Lesvorama Mr. Vangelis Gigkeris.

The owners, all experienced in the maritime and tourism industry, have put together a team of experienced and qualified professionals with the main purpose of the upgrading and enhancement of daily cruises.

They had one goal: to offer daily cruises that spark your interest, combine safety with entertainment and allow you to relax and discover unique places of exotic beauty.

Our focus and our top priority is simple, customer respect and the complete satisfaction of the guests. For this purpose we set high quality standards, provide customer care for our guests, and we offer innovative services and facilities, wishing to cover every need on board the ship and on land.

Our office is located in Mithimna (Molivos), M. Goutou 22 street and is equipped with modern systems to ensure the uninterrupted and efficient operation of the company.

If you are looking for the leading company in daily sailing cruises your guaranteed choice is our traditional wooden boat Santa Elena.

Come with us and let us take you away…